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Our Team's Extended Fur Family

Updated: Nov 16, 2022

Are we ready for CUTENESS OVERLOAD??? Let me introduce our extended FUR family!

Tina has two dogs, a Samoyed named Binu (yes, because he looks like a bar of Ivory soap), and a Jindo-mix rescue named Leo; both boys!

This is from Binu's baby era:

and when Binu started to develop his monkey-face:

This is when Leo was a baby, taken by his foster mom in Korea:

This is Binu now:

Binu looking like a giant mob laying on the floor:

This was supposed to be Leo's hat, but Binu likes it more:

...and Leo now: his butt HAS TO touch me, always.

Next, Linda's two dogs: a Dachshund named Lucy, and a Maltipoo named Smallz.

Lucy's puppy eyes and huge floppy ears:

Smallz has such a cute button face:

Lyndsey has a French Bulldog named Benni!

Benni when he was a baby, with some swag:

But then he became a big potato:

... a potato with four long legs:

and a plush butt:

After all, these are the reasons why we hustle (until our back and shoulder and passion exist in healthy state, that is) so we might as well share them with you <3


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