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Thank you for your support <3

This is my first blog post.

Excited but scared at the same time, but I'll roll out of my comfort zone and try to be diligent and productive. I'm hoping this will lead me to be more creative in my work, and while doing so, you and I can probably learn a few things here and there.

I'll TRY to post one post per week at least (I said TRY), covering various topics/agendas such as product reviews (rave or rant or both), makeup/hair tutorials, my skin regimen, and etcetera. These posts will probably involve my own face a lot, so be ready to be hit with gigantic pictures of my bare face, as realistic as possible, gross or pretty.

I thank you very, very much for visiting my blog and supporting me (for those who do, here, take my kiss <3 no choice). I'll sound a little awkward writing blogs and (maybe) in my videos, and I'm okay with that. I hope you are too.


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