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 Booking Guide 

Got Engaged, Check!



Confused and overwhelmed?  No worries!

Tina understands wedding planning upside down, inside out, A to Z. 

Tina is here for you to take some of that burden off of your shoulder and make your planning process a little bit easier, by providing you a thorough trial session and bringing clarity to your day-of schedule.

There is no chance for confusion!

 Step 1. 

Book your trial early.

Trial session is for you to preview how you will look on the day of your wedding, as is for your artist to study your facial features, skin tone, and hair type. Inquire about your date via the contact form at the bottom of this page as soon as your wedding venue is booked (i.e. your date and ceremony time are set & permanent) to find out Tina's availability for the date of your wedding and to schedule a trial session. All trial sessions are held at Tina's home-studio in Hanover, MD. Schedule at least 3 hours for a complete run-through of makeup & hair plus your travel time. Oh, one more thing! This is the time for you to start exfoliating your skin (research those AHA/BHA acids!) if this is not already a part of your skin-care regimen. If you absolutely cannot make this a habit, at least try doing this the night before your trial. It makes a WORLD of difference!

 Step 2. 

Lock in our availability for your date.

The only way to guarantee Tina's availability on your date (a.k.a. to book your date) is to book your date with Tina by putting down a retainer (deposit) and signing a contract. Most of our brides book their date way in advance, ranging from 3 months to 18 months before the wedding date and Saturdays do book up quicker than other days, but don't be discouraged to inquire even if you have short window, as we are a team of multiple artists and we might be able to fit you in. Booking can happen at the end of the trial consultation in person after confirming the artist's work, or it can happen before the trial is set up. The retainer is non-refundable and non-transferrable, and will be deducted from the total balance of your contract.

Note: Your inquiry and/or having scheduled/completed a trial session, by itself, does not hold your date in Tina's calendar, and Tina has no obligation to notify you of other future inquiries for your date unless you kept a continuous communication with her.

 Step 3. 

Complete your trial & rest easy.

During the trial consultation, you and Tina will discuss your likes/dislikes in makeup and hair style (fyi, photos are really helpful!), any allergy or sensitivity to the ingredients of the products, and demonstrate one makeup look and one hair do, with any necessary tweaking. Typically, each item takes between 1 to 1.5 hours. Again, if you are trying both makeup and hair, give this session enough time (especially if you are doing this trial right before your engagement shoot) to nail down the details. Tina wants you to walk out of this trial session, confidently knowing what to expect for the day of your wedding. There will likely be numerous changes & updates in the day-of schedule & headcount between the time of trial and your wedding day; all these changes in details will be communicated and updated via emails. In the end, sometime before your wedding day, you will receive a nice summary email containing all the necessary information that reflects all our finalized agreement, such as our agreed upon location of services, the finalized timeline and invoice, so that we are sure we are on the same page.

 Step 4. 

It's your wedding day!

Just relax. This was what all the planning & endless email exchanges were for. Tina will be there on time, if not about 10 minutes earlier, to get you started. Please plan ahead to have a table space, an up-right full-length mobile mirror, and a chair at the getting-ready location. As for your skincare regimen, don't do anything unusual the night before, like facial massage or putting on skin care item that you have never used before; it might just break you out. Preparation for Makeup Service: Use a facial sheet mask in the morning of the wedding day. Preparation for Hair Service: If you have oily scalp, wash your hair the morning of; if not, you may wash it the night before or the morning of, but please direct everyone who's getting hair done by us to have COMPLETELY, BONE-DRY & CLEAN hair before sitting at our stylist's chair. The day will go just as planned, and just as imagined. Just trust your bridesmaids! (and Tina, of course :) )

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