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 Frequently Asked Questions 

Q: Are you a full-time makeup/hair artist? Are you available on weekdays/weekends?

A: I was actually a full-time chemist, turned into a full-time artist!

I've written all about how I ended up doing what I do now in Tina's Story (Warning: it's long), but as for the hours and availability: Weddings can be booked on any day of the week when available, but generally, Saturdays, Sundays, and Fridays get booked faster. Engagement package can be booked on any day of the week when available. Trial consultations can be scheduled on weekdays only, M - Th from 10 AM to 4 PM and select evening times by appointment.

​Q: Do you travel on location for weddings? How is the travel fee calculated if it's applicable to me?

A: Yes, I bring my products, skills and experience to you. Now for the math...

Travel fee applies for all appointments requiring on-location service(s). Travel fee is calculated with the following formula: base travel fee $100 + the round-trip travel mileage from my home studio to the service location at $2.00/travel mile + toll fee if there's any other fees incurred when traveling to the service location. Travel fee may be charged per artist or per vehicle depending on how the services are arranged in a timeline (i.e. if it requires two or more artists needing to travel in separate vehicles).

​Q: Do you work alone? What if I have a big party? What if I'm in time constraints?

A: Additional artists can be added for a fee, and this goes toward the minimum requirement.

When available and at my discretion, one additional artist may be added when the service count is more than 7~8 items to share the workload and to create more condensed, realistic timeline that's convenient for you. Adding an additional artist reduces the timeline by half (1/2).

​Q: Are your prices negotiable? Do you offer discounts for a large group?

A: No, they are not, and I do not offer discounts, and here is why.

My prices are not negotiable because they are reflections of the level of work that I produce, and they were carefully chosen with numerous factors considered in the equation. (They aren't marked up by 20% just so that I can look "nice" to you by giving you 20% discount, which isn't helpful for you at all in the end.) I also do not offer a special discount for a large party, simply because it takes proportionally that much more time, energy and effort, and other resources (i.e. cosmetic products) for that many people. HOWEVER, what do I offer? Quality work. So that your wedding day is remembered as one of the happiest days of your life with zero regret.

​​Q: Do you offer trials? Do I HAVE TO schedule a trial?

A: Of course, you don't HAVE TO, but there are several legitimate reasons why you should.

I'm not here to force you on anything, but read on and see if any of these personality/social traits describes you or anyone in your bridal party. In that case, I do recommend you (and her/him) to opt in for a trial.

     a. I'm picky in my taste of fashion/beauty/coffee/food/life things in general.

     b. Having peace of mind is critical to me.

     c. I'm a risk adverse person.

     d. I've never done an updo/gotten makeup done by someone else, and honestly I don't know what I want.

Also, I find that the more I see you, your makeup gets prettier each time and becomes more customized for you.

Q: Do you speak Korean?

A: Yes I do, quite fluently actually.

한국말이 더 편하시면 언제든지 한국말로 문의 주세요 :) 한국에서 나고 자란 사람입니다 :D

​​Q: I need your magic touch for my (            fill in the blank           ). Help!

A: I can customize services just for you.

Don't see what you need from the Services & Prices page? Don't worry, just ask! Some examples of the accommodated events include baby's 1st-year birthday party (Dohl), make-over group party, prom & homecoming, Valentine's Day, anniversary, etc... We also offer 1:1 private lesson.

Q: How is the payment schedule set up for booking wedding-day services?

A: Total = Retainer + Remaining Balance, which means Total - Retainer = Remaining Balance.

To book (reserve) your wedding-day services, a non-refundable, non-transferrable Retainer (otherwise commonly called a deposit) is required at the time of booking, along with a signed contract, and will be taken off of the Total billed. The Remaining Balance will be due 30 days before the contracted event date.

​Q: What are the accepted forms of payment? When is it due?

A: Cash/Bank of America/Zelle/Google Pay for weddings, trials and engagement sessions.

Payment for a trials and a weekday engagement session is due on the day of the trial/engagement session. To book an engagement session that falls on a weekend date, a retainer is required, along with a signed contract. For a wedding, refer to the question right before this one. Warning: I don't usually carry with me any change to give you, so if you are paying cash, make sure to prepare the payment of the intended amount beforehand.

​​Q: Can you stay afterwards for touch-ups? Or for a second look/style for the reception?

A: Check out "Bridal Assistance Service" and yes I can stay as long as you want me to.

It is basically a chaperone service where I follow you everywhere and touch you up or tweak your style, and do little chores on behalf of you. Good candidate for this service is if you are changing your outfit for the reception and therefore you need new makeup/hair style for the second outfit, or if you don't have any bridesmaids and you are going to be locked in your heavy ball-gown dress and need someone to be with you and take care of all the small but important chores like communicating with vendors on behalf of you, or if your skin is extra oily and/or your wedding is in an extremely humid location/weather. If needed, I would also hold your dress and fluff it for the photos, touch up the makeup and catch that fly-away hair to maintain that photogenic look the entire time of your wedding.

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